Who We Are?

our passion

Our team has over half a century of experience under one roof. We see hospitality as a vocation and a calling. Nothing makes us happier than being able to bring all of our individual talents and expertise together to bring you a dining experience that is truly like no other. 

Experience passion, experience quality food drawing inspiration from cuisines around the world and let us show true hospitality that starts with a warm welcome and always hits the spot. 


At Blue Serenade we believe in attention to detail. That is why everything from the candles on our tables to the specials we write on our board every day is given the same time and precision as each and everyone of our bespoke dishes that leaves our kitchen. 

We truly believe that good food and service does not happen by accident. It comes from meticulous planning and putting time and care into each and everything we do. We hope this is reflected in all of our dishes and that you can taste the love that goes into each one of our meals. 

our food

We never compromise on quality. That is why we only ever buy in the best produce and combine them with the freshest and finest herbs, spices and homemade marinades. When you buy in the best, half the work is done. Our head chef Nagi then draws from his years of experience to bring these dishes to life in his ever imaginative creations. 

Bring your taste senses to live and experience true flavour. We look forward to welcoming you at Blue Serenade.